Jessa Phillips here, welcoming you to this BONUS At The Con episode of Good To Be A Gamer! This is an extra special goodie for our broadcast subscribers and is only available through our broadcast distribution, meaning you won't find this content on the website.

Most of you are aware I attend and speak at many conventions. If you are a regular listener, you know I have a deep-seeded affection for Dragon*Con, held every Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. At this point, we are about 6 months out from Dragon*Con 2013. As I am looking forward to next year's convention, I came across this audio from one of the panels I participated in from Dragon*Con 2012.

The American SciFi Classics track sponsored 8 Bit Gaming. Mike Faber of Earth Station One ( moderated this panel which included Shaun Rosado of Shauncastic! (, Michael Falkner of The Chronic Rift Network (, Russell Wages of Retro Gaming with Racketboy ( and myself, Jessa Phillips. Please excuse the audio quality as it was recorded on a portable mp3 recorder placed on the panelists' table.

Leave a comment and share your favorite 8 Bit Gaming memories!

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