David Lucier and Jessa Phillips bring you the top stories from the video game industry. This week you can turn your iOS device into a game controller, Square Enix expands Eidos-Montreal and invests in a second studio, EA makes good on Battlefield promises, Dave reports on the beta for Star Wars: The Old Republic, rumors of a Gears of War prequel and Ubisoft says no to a PC version of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Plus, David and Jessa have a frank discussion on the future of video game pricing models. Is $60 too much to pay?


Recorded 11/28/2011



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Dreamcast the Movie: Recasting Super Mario Bros.
Following up on last week's discussion about video game to movie adaptations, Andrew Marnik has a feature posted on Good To Be A Geek, Dreamcast the Movie: Recasting Super Mario Bros. It's a poll and we're asking for your input. We're taking the hollywood flop and asking you to re-imagine the film as if it were being produced today. Andrew's provided several options for actors to play the key characters, as well as a few options for directors. Click the link below to make your voice heard.

Turn Your iOS Device Into a Game Controller with Brass Monkey [Lockergnome]

Brass Monkey Website – http://www.playbrassmonkey.com

Square Enix expands Eidos-Montreal and opens a second studio [Game Spy]

EA Making Good on their promises . . . PS3 owners of Battlefield 3 will receive the free download of Battlefield 1943 [Kotaku]

Star Wars : The Old Republic – Jedi Consular Character Progression Trailer [Star Wars: The Old Republic YouTube channel]

Gears of War 3 gets prequel DLC and rumors of a full scale prequel title to be developed [Computer and Video Games]

Ubisoft develops Ghost Recon Online in lieu of a PC release to combat piracy [PC Gamer]



Is the reign of $60 boxed games coming to an end? [Eurogamer]



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